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the vendor list went up today!
i'm super excited about this fair,
it's going to be super sweet!

Monday, May 19, 2008

coming soon to hotlanta!

the fireside bowl project

I just finished up my MFA at Columbia College Chicago's Center for Book and Paper Arts

About the project:
The Fireside Bowl is drenched in memories from the thousands upon thousands of people that have entered the space. My thesis project, The Fireside Bowl Project, is an installation documenting the rich history of a Chicago landmark. The project includes an installation of 30 letterpress printed posters based on a collection of past show-goers' first-hand stories, a zine that acts as a key to the posters, personal photographs from a dozen different people, and about 75 miscellaneous posters (including prints of bowling pins and over-printed posters). In the same vein as traditional show posters, the posters for this project are meant to document the personal experiences at the venue, giving back the community its own opportunity to document this loved and lost space.

I plan on continuing to collect stories and create posters. I have plans to show a new set of 30 posters in the fall. On an even grander scale I hope to write a book about The Fireside, that would include my gathered stories from past show-goers and create a website to catalog ephemera from The Fireside. (e-mail your story to

fact & fancy

Christine Domanic (of JackRabbit, Craft Product and and Danielle Maveal (of Danielle Maveal Jewelry, Gold School and are opening a sweet new art/craft gallery space in brooklyn, fact & fancy. they just asked me to be a part of their first show!

WET PAINT featuring over 25 undiscovered artist and crafters.

When: May 29 - July 11

Wet Paint Party: Saturday, June 21, 4pm - 8pm

Where: 75B Hoyt St, Brooklyn, NY


Amanda Blake
Andy Eats Only Candy
Angel D'amico
Anna Laura
Argyle Whale
Art Goodies
Callie & Co
Clever Girl
Cornflower Blue Studio
Danielle Maveal Jewelry
Dead Bird
Girl Savage
Go Monkey Design
Invisible Fountain
Jack Rabbit
Leslie Shershow
Lotus Jewelry Studio
Mae Jane
Michelle Maule
Paloma's Nest
Michael Pfleghaar
Yellow Canoe
Your Secret Admiral

and me!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

welcome to my brand spanking new blog

My name is Rebecca Ann Rakstad,
but you can call me Reba RAR RAR.
I create letterpress printed postcards and other miscellaneous items including posters, music packaging, books and greeting cards. Since 2004 I have produced over 100 different postcards!

98% of my items are printed using handset type

Sometimes I use photo polymer and linoleum cuts.

I print on french paper.
Est. 1871 - America's family run paper mill
& environmentally conscious!