Monday, July 21, 2008

pitchfork/depart-ment recap

the calm before the storm

i can pack a ton of stuff in a small space!

andrea hanging tough.
showing off the green sash we had to wear to let people know who the hall monitors were at depart-ment.

i didn't really watch bands during the day. i hate big crowds and big stages. i spent most of my time between depart-ment and the southern records/permanent records corner of the record tent. my lunch for two days consisted of soy mint chocolate chip ice cream from temptation. both days different boys at that tent gave me my ice cream with a super discount. no complaints here! oh and flagstock was pretty sweet. my favorite was landland, hands down. i got bff and mountain goats posters. everything of theirs was so amazing, it was hard to decide what to get!

on friday i saw chicago's finest... mahjongg play at the hideout with the ever so amazing Health! its going on the best shows of the year list for sure!

mahjongg=cords and cut-offs

saturday night i biked really fast to schubas after pitchfork to see Abe Vigoda (shown above) and one of my favorite bands right now High Places (defiantly go to their myspace and download their songs, you will not be disappointed!). i was very excited that this show ended at 1am. i was so exhausted. but then half way home there was a terenchal downpour! it took me an hour and a half to get home! boo rain!

the only bands i did end up watching at pitchfork played early on sunday...
times new viking
High Places

not only did i get a little sunburned on my back/neck (i forgot the sunscreen there), i ran into a girl that bought one of my shirts at depart-ment. she was a little creeped out a first when i ran over to her with my camara but then when i told her i made the shirt she got really excited and let me photograph her.

by sunday night i was ready for a cold shower and early bed time (compared to the last two nights of 3am).
good times.

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