Thursday, August 6, 2009

hott off the press


Lindsay Jean said...

Oh, PLEASE make a pin out of the Knitta, Please! Ooh - or a shirt. I love it so.

The Crap Blog Detective said...

I dont agree on midwest being the best.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

I know this is a bit late, but I need to write this: You may not think your "Knitta Please" items are offensive. You may think you're being ironic or subversive or quirky or cute. But what you're really doing is causing pain. Every time I see that phrase, I hurt. I've been called a nigger. I let everyone I know (regardless of their race) that it's a word I abhor.

To see a word that's caused me and people I love so much pain - a word maliciously directed at us *only* because of our black skin - being so casually tossed about is distressing. Racism today (intended and unintended) is like death by a million paper cuts. "Knitta please" is one of those cuts. It may seem small to you, but for those of us who live with the pain of it everyday, it's no laughing matter. I don't think you're racist (I don't know you). I don't think your intentions were/are racist. But that doesn't lessen the pain. Meaning well doesn't mean much when the effect is so harmful.

Please consider ending your use of the phrase - not because ending it's the pc thing to do but because that phrase it's disrespectful and painful to fellow human beings. I understand that you can't live your life or run your business solely with other people's feelings in mind; but given the history of the word, the extent to which it still pains and oppresses people and the fact that the objection isn't (I think) so unreasonable, I do hope you'll extend some compassion and empathy and respect to those of us who do find it so horribly offensive.