Wednesday, April 8, 2009

No Coast looking for members

come and get a piece

No Coast is a collectively run art studio, event space and consignment store at 1500 W. 17th Street in Pilsen, a few blocks from the 18th Street Pink Line station and accessible by several bus routes. Our screen printing facilities include multiple printing stations with drying racks, pressure washer, light table, UV exposure unit, and some shared screens, scoop coaters and squeegees.

Per-Project Studio Rental is $50 a week. Renters can walk-in during our open hours, or set up an alternative schedule with our staff. Previous screenprinting experience is required. Access to equipment listed above is unrestricted, though it is recommended that you bring your own screens, and required that you bring your own materials (paper, ink, etc).

Monthly Membership is $200-$225 a month, inclusive of utilities (electric, heat, phone/internet) and some shared supplies. Equipment in addition to that listed above includes sewing machines, flat files and personal storage space. Collective members have 24/7 keyed access to the space. Collective responsibilities include participation in group meetings, basic cleanliness/organization, and some volunteer time running the facilities during open hours (can be as little as 1 or 2 shifts a month if your schedule is busy). Members may also use the space to program public events if desired. Long-term members do not need any screenprinting experience and can work in other media as space allows, but should have experience with or willingness to work in a cooperative group environment.

Contact for information, questions, or to schedule a visit.

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