Wednesday, April 8, 2009

sorry it's been a while.

So two months ago I was on my bike headed to Columbia to start printing some lovely new postcards when a semi truck hit me. Don’t worry its not so bad. Only my foot was mangled (fractured big toe and a very swollen/bruised foot) and my bike is trashed. I’m now starting to walk again, rocking a cane to get around. Letterpress printing is on hold; it might be another month until I can get back to work.

This week I am going to take on screen-printing, something I can do sitting down with my foot elevated. Ha ha. I am helping out with the Bridgeport WPA project, part of Version Fest ’09.

Mark your calendars for a couple upcoming events….

Version Fest ‘09
everyone should come to this
April 23rd- May 2nd
Chicago, IL

No Coast will be participating
April 25th & 26th
Chicago, IL

Next Fair

No Coast will be participating
May 1st- May 4th

Constructor Craft Fair
RAR RAR PRESS & Owly Shadow Puppets will be here
Sunday May 24th
Berwyn, IL

Indieana Handicraft Exchange
RAR RAR PRESS & Owly Shadow Puppets will be here
Saturday June 13th
Indianapolis, IN